The Field Concept

[latexpage]A field describes how quantities are distributed in space Two types exist: Scalar fields or vector fields; As in this example, electric scalar potential $V$ and electrostatic vector field $E$, respectively Electromagnetic fields are postulated to exist via observable phenomena, e.g., via the Lorentz Force: \[F=q(E + v * B)\] Plot notables: Light colors: “high…

December 2016

Dr. Roach and colleague Dr. Bernhard’s paper entitled, “Investigation of Desired Element Pattern Reconfigurability in Small Adaptive Arrays” is published in the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.

April 2016

Dr. Roach is nominated and awarded by the IEEE student society at OU, the Maximum Impedance award. The award carries the dubious distinction of honoring a faculty member who has “challenged young scholars” in the classroom.