Advanced Radar Research Center

Check out some of the awesome endeavors, projects, people, and resources affiliated with this center located at OU.

Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)

Longtime member of this professional organization, ever since my undergraduate days. It is the largest in the field and has plenty or resources.

Antennas and Propagation Society

IEEE affiliated society more specific to my areas of interest

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

One could go on and on about the societal benefits this organization contributes to engineering education and the workforce but the mission statement summarizes it best: “to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community society dedicated to all things geared toward expanding the pipeline to engineering.”

Academic Research Leadership (ARL) Network

A network committed to supporting underrepresented groups interested in and currently working in academic faculty or Ph.D.-level research careers.

RF Café

The go to site for all things in RF & Microwave electronics, loads of information including educational references and tool downloads.


Another useful go to site for all things RF & Microwave!

Antenna Theory

A site to learn and refresh yourself about the theory and operation of antennas.

Radar Tutorial

A cool site that explains many ins and outs about radar.

Looking to better understand the mathematical pre-requisite to EM Fields (i.e., vector calculus)…check out these online educational resources which provide a more intuitive feel and visual understanding about vector calculus:

Falstad Visual Math and Physics Applets

Take a visual journey and experiment with a variety of electrostatic, magnetostatic, and electrodynamic applets provided by this site. They also have demonstrator applets for other math/physics based topics.

Sure, I love to order products from this company but they have so much more to help you reach your nutrition, health, and fitness goals (e.g., workout plans, a rich database of individual exercise routines, nutrition, research-based articles on various topics, community support, awesome recipes, etc.).

My Fitness Pal

This site/app brings more to the table than “counting calories”. It has helped me gain perspective on the quantity and quality of foods eaten over different time spans. It plays a significant role in keeping me accountable and on track to achieve my nutrition and fitness goal. The app is pretty handy and easy to use.

Orux Maps

Awesome hiking/outdoor navigation smartphone app I use pretty much every time I go out. Check it out and go explore!

Open Android Maps

For the android users…site to download all kinds of maps to your phone, it is compatible with OruxMaps.


Site with a large database to research your trails before going out and upload yours to visual maps afterward.


Another community share site with a large database of downloadable gpx hiking tracks (and many other types of tracks) to keep you on track during your adventure. It is coined “Tracks for Vagabonds”!

Design Canopy

Hit this site up not only for the coolness of it all, but for some awesome branding/web design service.

The Reconnect

Description: Check out the awesome message this site offers, hopefully it will inspire and motivate!

Out of the thousands of cool and useful videos and channels on You Tube, check out a select few I fancy!

TED Ed: Lessons worth sharing

This channel proves that there is so much more in life to learn. The visually stimulating, informative, and creative videos on this channel makes learning fun. The introduction statement sums it up best, “Great educators and animators collaborating to create.”

ASAP Science

The series of short videos on this channel are so creative and fun. The creators/hosts are full of positive energy and amusing. They present on a variety of topics backed by scientific data and research that will make you wonder.

Captain Joe

Looking to get the inside scoop to how commercial planes really work, turn to Captain Joe. The man is full of energy and explains how these engineering marvels operate and fly in a series of videos.


Motivational video channel turned on to me by a friend some time ago. Very inspiring and powerful messages embedded within. Despite the circumstances being faces, the messages allow you to put things into perspective and to keep moving forward in life.

Be Inspired

Channel similar to above to provide motivation and inspiration, I’ve come across some videos in this channel that really resonate.