University of Oklahoma

Role: Assistant Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 3613 – Electromagnetic Fields (2016)

  • Course Enrollment: 47
  • Course objective: Build a firm understanding of electromagnetic field concepts, and to learn how to use Maxwell’s equations under static and time-varying conditions to solve complex electromagnetics problems that will appear in higher-level courses and in practice
  • Topics instructed: Vector analysis, electrostatics, magnetostatics, Maxwell’s equations, time-varying fields, and propagation of uniform plane waves
  • Activities: Provided conceptual, mathematical, and practical foundations for the underlying concepts, equations, field quantities, and boundary conditions; Incorporated Interactive online tool into the course (Top Hat) to foster a more effective learning environment

ECE 2713 – Electrical Circuits (2016)

  • Course Enrollment: 72
  • Course objective: Provide students with the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of electronic circuits and the opportunity to enhance their analytical and engineering problem solving skills
  • Topics instructed: Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Law, Node Voltage and Mesh Current Analysis, Voltage/Current Dividers, Source Transformations, Thevenin and Norton Equivalents, Superposition, DC Response of Inductors and Capacitors, Phasors, Impedance, AC Circuit Analysis, and Complex Power
  • Activities: Incorporated Top Hat into the course to promote a more effective learning environment

Georgia Institute of Technology

Role: Instructor, Distance Learning and Professional Education (DLPE)

NUIG EE432 – Antennas and RF Engineering Electromagnetics (2011)

  • Course Enrollment: 13
  • Activities: Co-instructed and co-developed a new course to introduce the fundamental properties of antennas with colleagues for video conference to senior level students at the National University of Ireland-Galway, Electrical Engineering dept.
  • Topics instructed: Antenna array theory, phased-arrays concepts, and applications of phased arrays

University of Illinois

Roles: Visiting Lecturer/Instructor/Teaching Assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

ECE 329 – Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields (2010)

  • Course Enrollment: 40
  • As a visiting lecturer, prepared and taught a three-credit hour core undergraduate introductory electromagnetic course
  • Activities: Held office hours; assisted students in course related electromagnetic problems; managed course TAs
  • Topics instructed: Static electric and magnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations, time-varying fields, plane waves, and transmission lines

ECE 450 – Lines, Fields, and Waves (2009 & 2010)

  • Activities: As a teaching assistant, held office hours; discussed and solved course related electromagnetic problems with students (often outside of office hours); Lectured class sessions in the absence of the course instructors
  • Topics assisted in: Transmission lines and Transmission line matching (Smith Chart), Reflection and transmission of plane waves, Electromagnetic radiation from linear antennas, antenna arrays, rectangular waveguides and cavities